The Story
Originally from the Czech Republic, Linda Lazarczykova’s career in international development brought her to Durban, South Africa, where she founded Llazara – a consulting company that provides training to charities, government organizations, and community groups who wish to increase engagement and inclusiveness in their communications strategies.

“[Organizations] would hold a community meeting consisting of three or five people sitting at the front of the room, talking at a crowd of 200-300,” said Linda about the climate which inspired her to create Llazara’s training curriculum. “They thought they were doing a good job of ‘communicating with the public’ – and then they’d wonder why they were still finding tires burning in front of their office. In reality, no one attending their meetings actually felt heard.”

Llazara’s trainings help organizations make a positive shift in the way they communicate, with tactics such as employing culturally relevant metaphors, data visualization and storytelling. Llazara also helps organizations create multilateral communication opportunities between an organization’s representatives and the communities they seek to serve.
Support From Bijou
When Linda engaged Bijou to provide strategy for Llazara, her company had already succeeded at developing an acclaimed training curriculum – but Linda knew she needed to rethink her strategy to accommodate the goals she had for the next chapter of life.

Linda and her husband were planning to have a baby, and with 100% of Llazara’s revenue derived from in-person training and workshops, Linda knew her business was unsustainable. “Right now, if I don’t work, my business doesn’t earn income,” she said. “So what’s going to happen if my baby is sick? Or if I need to take time away for another reason?”

Bijou suggested a new business structure for Llazara, laying out a plan for tiered offerings that started with free content, escalated to low-cost automated courses, and graduated into various opportunities to receive training and support from Linda, beginning with guided online group courses and continuing all the way to individualized, in person VIP consulting.

By creating a combination of revenue streams that included passive income from online sales, as well as groups courses that could be led from a distance, Linda now had a roadmap to earning money even on the days she stepped away from work to spend time with her baby, as well as a healthy balance between days when she could work from home and days she would need to be out of the house.

Another happy side effect of this new model is that Llazara will now be able to reach a wider audience, supporting organizations beyond South Africa who may not otherwise have been able to travel to an in-person workshop.

Bijou then helped Linda to map out her financial goals for the next two years, walking her top line number back to the milestones she needed to hit throughout the year: the number of trainings, group workshop attendance, and cost per person, as well as a minimum number of automated courses she’d need to sell, and the audience growth she’d need to achieve to realistically hit those numbers.

Lastly, Bijou helped Linda to develop an outreach strategy to identify and target key decision makers at the organizations most likely to need the services Llazara has to offer.

Linda and her husband welcomed a healthy baby girl to their family in late Summer 2016!

After taking a few months of mama baby time off with her daughter, Linda is looking forward to participating in a Bijou Mastermind early next year.
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