The Story
Peggy O’Neill is an award-winning speaker, author, and personal coach. Drawing on decades of lived experience as a person of short stature, Peggy has learned firsthand that Inner Greatness is available to everyone, and often it’s our challenges in life which help us to discover our greatness and grow into our full potential.

Following a successful 13-year career inspiring audiences and working with individual clients, Peggy took a two year sabbatical from her career to pursue personal goals. Before stepping back into the limelight, Peggy engaged Bijou to provide strategy and support to re-launch her business and uplevel her career.
Support From Bijou
Bijou spent time with Peggy, deeply listening to her passion, her message and her goals. We then conducted a thorough audit of Peggy’s existing social media presence, mailing list and teaching curricula, and took stock of her cohort group and the support they could offer to Peggy through cross promotion and affiliate opportunities.

Taking all of this data into account, Bijou laid out a three-year strategy that included publishing workbooks, leading group courses, and offering private coaching. In combination with a small number of affiliate offers and keeping her corporate speaking goals on track, this strategy put Peggy on a realistic pathway to grossing half a million dollars in her third year back in business.

Bijou’s strategy broke down in exact numbers the growth milestones Peggy needed to hit, the actions she needed to take to hit those goals, and the sales conversion rates she should expect from each source. Bijou also showed Peggy how to toggle her plans, so that if outcomes fell short in one area, she could make up the difference in another area to keep her goals on track.

After delivering this three year strategy, Bijou supported Peggy in taking her first steps toward the relaunch of her business: project managing content creation for her new website, organizing her existing mailing list and porting over her contacts from Constant Contact into MailChimp, and setting up auto-responders and a segmented “drip campaign” for her opt-in quiz.

Bijou continues to support Peggy with ongoing digital communications strategy & implementation.

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